10 Untoppable Pizza Creations

10 Untoppable Pizza Creations… or 10 hypnotizing pizzas you could never have imagined

Originating as Naples’ street food, the pizza is one of the most customizable dishes in the world, which probably explains its spreading into every food culture. All you need is a bread dough – a good one preferably – the rest depends solely on your imagination.
Veggie, meat, herbs, cheese, cream, salty, sweet or sour: anything is possible. In this video we went crazy with the recipes and present you 10 Pizzas varying in all aspects from dough to toppings.

The Shrimpy Lemon Pizza
The Parma Ham, Grapes and Thyme Pizza
The Potato, Rosemary and Mascarpone Pizza
The Colorful Tomatoes Pizza
The Cauliflower, Figs and Blue Cheese Pizza
The Blood Sausage and Pears Pizza
The 3 types of Chilis and Salami Pizza
The Beetroot and Asparagus Pizza
The Mushrooms and Rosemary Pizza
The Ham and Blackberry Pizza

We will soon release 3 detailed recipe videos, so you too can try this crazy pink pizza dough or discover the subtle combinations of cauliflower and figs.
What pizza corresponds the most to your inner taste? What would you put on it if you unleashed your creativity? Share your ideas in the comments!

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