11 Chili Recipes from All Over the World

They are Red, they are Hot, They are Chili Peppers! Except they aren’t all red, they aren’t all so hot, and they come with a great variety of shape, and taste. Discover our 11 Chili Recipes from All over the world.

Some are consumed raw, some are smoked, some are dried, some have to be blended with other spices because of their strength. In this video, we show you 11 different chilis from the smoothest to the (back then) world’s strongest one, and how they are used in different cuisines of the world.

  1. the Imam fainted, Turkey
  2. Fish Tajine with Chermoula, Marokko
  3. Mole Negro, Mexico
  4. Chipotle y Chocolate Pastelitos, Mexico
  5. Jalapeno Rellenos, Mexico
  6. Aji Amarillo Ceviche, Peru
  7. Papaya Salad, Thailand
  8. Buffalo Wings, US
  9. Pastels, Camerou
  10. Naga Viper Lamm Curry, India
  11. Ananas Chow, Trinidad & Tobago

You will notice that those dishes don’t come from the usual countries we feature and Mexico is slightly over-represented. It’s quite normal, Chili Peppers actually come from South and Central America, and was then brought to the rest of the world with some other culinary treasures from the New World (potatoes, tomatoes, beans, corn etc). It then got integrated into the local cuisines to various degrees: while it became an essential in African and South Asian cuisine, as well as in some parts of the mediterranean area, it was quite rejected by northern Europe and America.

Disclaimer: back then Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Chili Peppers was the world’s strongest. In between, three new Chili Peppers replaced him one after another: the Carolina Reaper that held the title for a while has unofficially recently been beaten by the Dragon Breath with 2.48 Millions on the Scoville Scale.

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