13 Salads from all over the World

Second stop of our food world tour, 10 Salads from All Over the World! Because sandwiches are not the only universal dish, we selected 10 of the most delicious, colorful and original salads, from almost every continent, to show you their endless variety.

Find the recipes and more background informations about every one of these recipes here  in the coming days!

Salad (from latin salata that means “salt” as it was the way in the Roman Empire to conserve vegetables) is a term that covers a large amount of declinations. With raw or cooked veggies, fruits or cereals, sometimes including meat, fish, eggs or cheese, seasoned with fresh herbs or nuts and finally dressed with a creamy, acid, light, spicy sauce… Then when all the ingredients are combined BAM! – unfolds an explosion of textures, flavors, colors. There are thousands of combinations possible according to what is in your fridge and in your country – and most of them taste even better than a good old burger.

In this video we let you discover 10 salads from all over the world, not necessarily the most commonly eaten, but the most interesting. We selected them to show you the diversity of one meal that, despite its enormous differences, is always designated by the only term “Salad”.

– The Moroccan Orange Blossom & Carrot salad, seasoned with raisins, orange juice and pistachios.
– The sweet/sour German Sausage salad, with pickles and onions.
– The Finnish Rosolli salad combining potatoes, carrots and beetroots with a fluffy whipped cream, eaten alongside herring and apples for Christmas time.
– The Caesar Salad, born between Mexico and the US by the hands of an Italian chef and originally composed of Roman lettuce and croûtons, and seasoned with a rich sauce based on mayonnaise, anchovies and Worcestershire sauce.
– The Mexican Black Bean and Corn Salad.
– The Peruvian Solterito with black Quinoa.
– The Thailandese Glassnoodle Salad (or Yum Woon Sen) combining spicy, sweet and salty flavors.
– The Japanese Hijiki, a cooked salad based on seaweed cooked in sake, soy sauce and kirin with tofu, lotus roots or edamame.

Producer, Director, Editor: Rusch Meyer
Chef: Leila Boutaam
DoP: Robert Staffl
Motion Graphics: Jakub Jezny

Music: Darren Leigh Purkiss – Fresh Juice

Icons used in the logos made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

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