13 Sandwiches from all over the World – Part 2

Two years after our first “13 Sandwiches from all over the world” Video, we decided to follow your comments and give you some 13 more. Our British audience was not satisfied with their Cucumber Sandwich, as well as our Argentinian audience despising our choice of calling the Choripan “South American”. In this new list of 13 Sandwiches you will discover more Asian sandwiches, but also South American, European, Caribbean and North American. Grab some bread and follow the flow!

  1. Cemita, Mexico
    Sorry Mexican fellows, the pápalo, the herb you use in the traditional Cemita Poblana is not to find in Germany so we had to replace it with cilantro. We hope you pardon our sin… For the rest, this sandwich is composed of a soft sesame roll (called cemita), a spread of Pinto Beans and chorizo, a crusty chicken cutlet, a lot of avocados, Chipotle Chili, Onions and String Cheese. And of course the legendary pápalo!
  2. Francesinha, Portugal
    Also called the Tower of Meat by ourselves. Meats are not always the same (fresh sausage, smoked linguica, beefsteak, ham, etc) but the principles remain the same: a tower of different meat cuts, topped with a lot of cheese, and soaked with a flavorful sauce based on beer and tomato (and sometimes port wine, whisky, bay leaf)… Everyone has its own secret version!
  3. Malaysia, Roti John
    Also typical in Singapour, the Roti John is basically an omelette sandwich with a good deal of spices. In this version we mixed together eggs, ground meat and onions. The hot dog bun is then simply pressed on the omelette, and topped with Mayonnaise and Sweet Chili Sauce.
  4. Bauru, Brazil This Brazilian sandwich is a cheese-lover dream: thin slices of roastbeef are topped with thick slices of tomatoes, pickles and a lot of melted cheese. Simple and hearty.
  5. Bombay Sandwich, India An Indian variation on Club sandwich that is really tasty: the mint & coriander chutney is topped with potatoes, cucumber, red onions and tomatoes, with a last pinch of Chaat Massala. Easy to do and definitely a twist worth a try.
  6. Broodje Hagelslag, Netherlands Not easy to pronounce but easy to do and even easier to eat! A bit of butter, a lot of chocolate sprinkle: this open face sandwich will satisfy the child in you!
  7. Tayto Sandwich, Ireland
    Yes you saw well, this is a simple Crisps sandwich. But not any Crisps: they have to be Tayto Cheese and Onion to be the real deal. A bit of butter, a lot of Crisps, a beer and you good to go!
  8. Pan Tumaca con Jamón or Pa amb tomàquet, Spain A Catalan classic that will only reveal its taste with high quality ingredients. A good olive oil, a hint of garlic, a riped tomato rubbed onto the toasted bread, and most of all a really really good Spanish Ham. Addictive!
  9. Yakisoba Pan, Japan Take a stir-fry noodles dish, with small pieces of pork, cabbage and carrots and flavored with an oyster-like sauce and you get “Yakisoba”. Put it in a Hot-dog bun, top with aonori (nori seaweed powder) and beni shoga (shredded pickled ginger) and you get the Yakisoba-Pan!
  10. Ploughman’s sandwich To ease things up with our English friends, we decided to take another chance on one of the national sandwiches. The Ploughman’s sandwich is part of the Ploughman’s lunch, a farmer’s lunch mainly composed or beer (Ale), bread, and cheese. This sandwich usually combines a rustical loaf of bread, some mature cheddar and pickled onions. Few ingredients that for this reason rather be high quality. The rest is up to you: cucumber, apples, tomato, ham, everything you want can pump it up. 
  11. Doubles, Trinidad & Tobago Doubles is a common street food in Trinidad and Tobago. This sandwich is made of two baras, a small flat fried curry-flavored pancake, filled with curry channa or curried chickpeas. On top of it, for a small refreshing taste, usually come shredded cucumbers. 
  12. Reuben, USA The Reuben Sandwich is an American grilled sandwich, inherited from the jewish/lithuanian community. It is composed of rye bread, Russian dressing (a simple mix of ketchup and mayonnaise), pastrami or corned beef, Swiss Cheese and Sauerkraut.
  13. Falafel Sandwich, Lebanon If for now it appears that the origins of falafel would be linked to Egyptian Copts, it is actually hard to say what country loves it more nowadays. We chose a Lebanese version of the Falafel sandwich, with radishes, parsley, lemon juice and of course tahini!

What misses according to you? Which sandwich from the world is a must try!? Check also our first video 13 Sandwiches from all over the World!


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