14 Ways to transform a Potato

Potatoes. Are. Great.

They were brought to Europe from Central and South America in 1570. As it was easy to grow, it was very cheap and became the main food of the poor. Therefore almost every country on this planet has their own traditional potato dishes. The potato leads all other vegetables in worldwide production. Thus, these tubers have a high food cultural relevance worldwide. And of course they can be prepared in a variety of ways, which made us curious.

There is a general division between „mealy“ and „waxy“ potatoes. This means that the texture of the potatoes differs when cooked. Mealy potatoes are good to use for mashed potatoes, purees or gnocchi. They contain more dried starch which turns into a dry and fluffy texture when cooked. Waxy potatoes stay together when cooked and are therefore ideal for salads, rösti (hash browns) or the tornado potato. Luckily we had very good advice from our local potato market stall in Berlin, so we used 10 different types of potatoes: Blaue Annelise, Berber, Cilena, Gunda, Agria, Blauer Schwede, Moor-Leyla, Linda, Sieglinde and Rote Emma. Of course these are types cultivated and grown mostly in Germany – they might have other names or brother and sisters in your home country.

The interesting thing about potatoes is, that you can actually transform them into surprisingly textures and forms. And often you only need one or two more basic ingredients to create the most tastiest dish. With our selection of recipes we tried to represent these transformations of the tuber coming out of the soil.

When choosing the recipes, we discovered that the French do a lot of very tasty things with potatoes. Therefore 4 of our 14 dishes have their origins in the French cuisine (Aligot, Pommes Duchesse, Pommes Soufflée, Fries). The Potato Espuma is our bit of molecular cuisine, the principle of creating foams (with a siphon and nitrous oxide capsules) being invented by Ferran Adrià in his restaurant El Bulli in Spain. On the Asian continent potatoes are by far not so popular as they are elsewhere. Nevertheless we took one recipe into our selection that plays with the flavours of the Japanese kitchen and its tradition for noodles. We even included one dessert, the Knedel, a potato dough dumpling filled with a plum, that is prepared in Eastern Europe and the Balkan.

Here is the list of all dishes featured in the video:

Potato Salad
Potato Skin Chips
Hasselback Potato
Potato Espuma
Pommes Souflée
Pommes Duchesse
Potato Noodles
Tornado Potato

As always you can find the recipes and some additional information on the dishes in the following days here on our website.

Watch our Making Of:

Special Thanks to:
Tom Elstermeyer, for the potato noodle recipe

Schmidt’s Kartoffeln, every Tue and Fri on Maybachufer Market in Berlin, Neukölln/Kreuzberg

Goldhahn und Sampson, for letting us borrow a proper Mandoline from their cooking school equipment: http://www.goldhahnundsampson.de
Producer, Director: Rusch Meyer
Chefs: Leila Boutaam, Helena Friebel
Cinematographers: Robert Staffl & Otto Stockmeier
Editor: Henning Malz
Motion Graphics: Jakub Jezny

Music: Mussorgsky – Night on a bare Mountain

Icons used in the logos made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

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