7 Burgers inspired by Christmas

The recipes for the burgers in the  video can be found here, they will be published in the following weeks up to Christmas. This time we will also have some single recipe videos for some of the burgers.

We always wanted to shoot a burger video. However, as we discussed possible themes for a new clip, some team members suggested we should do something related to Christmas. So here it its: our Christmas burger video.

What’s new is that all recipes are creative ideas of our own. The only burger that is inspired by an already existing burger is the „Shrimpy Clause“. Helena ate a delicious burger with grilled shrimps and grilled avocado in London on a street food market at a stall called „Mr. Shrimpy“. We chose this combination as it is very common to eat prawns for Christmas in Australia (and probably also in other places around the globe which have access to fresh prawns). The other 6 burgers feature christmassy ingredients and typical dishes which can be found in most countries that celebrate Christmas. Of course some of it is very German, like our two Knödel buns, but we also tried to include some traditional Christmas foods from other countries, like the Panettone which we cut into a bun for the „Fire & Ice“. It is a christmassy version of the ice cream sandwich, in this case topped with home made marzipan ice cream.

One note about the process of flambéing this burger: we used rum first, but it did no burn as the alcohol level was not high enough. So we ended up using methylated spirit, so this burger could not be eaten in the end. Another true Food, People, Places story.

We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did while shooting it and have a wonderful Christmas!

Watch the making of: https://youtu.be/Gs02mUmMvII

List of burger:

Oh Deer
Duck & Cover
Goose Bomb
Shrimpy Clause
Chestnut Crackerm
Santas Meltdown
Fire & Ice


Idea, Direction, Production: Rusch Meyer (http://www.ruschmeyer.org/)
Chef: Helena Friebel – Bam Cuisine (https://www.facebook.com/bcbreakfastc…)
Cinematographer: Robert Staffl (http://robert-staffl.com/)
Editor: Dennis Gnoni (http://vimeo.com/woodplant)

a Reframe – Videos for the Web Production (http://www.reframevideos.com)

Mr. Shrimpy, London

Thanks to
Fleischerei Gottschlich, Berlin, for the good quality meat

Icons used in the logos made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

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