Food, People, Places explores cultural conversations about our most basic everyday activity: eating. We portray the growing community of entrepreneurs and creatives in the field and feature the places of today‘s food movements. Topping off with stylized recipe videos, we give our audience a regular dose of who, what & where is happening in culinary culture.

Why did we create FPP?
A growing number of metropolitans occupy themselves with all kinds of activities around food and eating in their leisure time. They read food blogs and culinary magazines, argue about the best burgers and bakeries in town, and love to cook together with friends and family. When they travel, they explore cultures through its food. We are just like these people. We believe that eating is the easiest and certainly the most fun way to connect. Therefore we created Food, People, Places – to inspire, educate and entertain all people who love food as much as we do.

How does it work?
On a regular basis we publish 2-5 minutes long videos. We have different serial formats which we shoot while traveling to different countries or exploring the food cultures in our home town, Berlin. We compile the videos into different playlists, so our audience can chose between city specials and a variety of formats which include:

Food Rebels. Meet the new crop of foodies. From chefs to food activists, entrepeneurs to farmers – this series portrays people who contribute to the current evolution of food and eating. They are driven by passion and incorporate new ideas into their businesses, while keeping up traditions and craftsmanship.

Culinary Crossroads. Where do people meet to prepare, share and eat food? We track down inspiring local places, where food culture comes to live, catch their atmosphere and by that compose a kaleidoscopic food map.

Food in Numbers. We love inspirational lists, don’t you? That’s why we created our listicle format, which gives you 10 to 20 recipe ideas for a food in 2 minutes. A visual orgy which sparks your imagination and cherishes the variety of global food culture.

6 Markets in Istanbul


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