We are always thrilled to meet new partners and extend our network. And we are also open for co-operations, collaborations and joint projects. 

Are you a company, publisher, media outlet or organization in the area of food, tourism or gastronomy and would like to work with us? 

FPP Spices

Here are some ways we could make collaborations happen:

Send us somewhere 
You are representing a city or region and would like us to feature its local food culture? Together with you we choose the places and people, visit them and feature their stories in 3 to 5 videos. We love to feature food culture from all over the world – is your region the next stop on our journey?

Sponsor a video or series
Your company is active in the food or travel industry and you would like to entertain your target audience with tailored content? We offer the opportunity to sponsor a video or one of a our ongoing series like „Food Rebels“, „Culinary Crossroads“ or „X things you can do with food“. Your logo will be shown in the video and our website. We may also use your product in our videos. Of course you are welcome to spread the video on your own media channels. Different models of sponsorship are possible, let’s talk about it

Get your own food video
We have accumulated a high level of experience on how to tell food stories in video. Our recipe videos look amazing and are fun to watch, our interview features are authentic and transfer the passion of the interviewees to the audience. If you have your own food related publication, we can concept and produce videos exclusively for you. Through our series we are very well connected in the food universe, so bringing an exciting host on board, would be our pleasure. The possibilities are endless.

We are looking forward to hear about your ideas. Get in touch via simon@foodpeopleplaces.com

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  • Gianfranco D'Amico

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    ich schreibe Ihnen wegen die Eröffnung unser Restaurants. Wir wären interessiert dem Wort zu verbreiten, da wir noch ganz kleine und am Anfang sind, und wir uns in eine sehr kompetitive Lage befinden.

    Ich stelle mich vor:

    Ich heisse Gianfranco D’Amico, bin 24 Jahre alt und seid 2011 Berliner. Ich habe der Restaurant “3 briganti” mit meine 2 Kollegen Gilberto D’Amico (26) und Gianluca Geniola (40) am 8.12 eröffnet. Wir befinden und in die Winterfeldtstrasse 17, 10781 Schöneberg – Berlin.
    Wir kochen Italienisch, aber nicht das normale Pizza und Pasta Thema, sondern Sachen die man ausschliesslich in unserem Heimat ist. Arrosticini zum beispiel: Das sind Hammelspiesse importiert aus Abruzzo. Die sind sehr Aromatisch und haben schon sehr viele Komplimente dafür bekommen.

    Ich würde euch herzlich einladen um uns Persönlich auszuprobieren und Eure meinung zu eurem Lesern zu verbreiten.


    Gianfranco D’Amico

    3 briganti
    Winterfeldtstrasse 17
    10781 Berlin

    Mobil: 0171 70 72 446