Arugula Salad with Mango, Pomegranate & Mozarella

This is a recipe video for an easy but very impressive salad: sunny yellow Mango, bright red pomegranate seeds and lush green arugula. The creamy mozzarella and warm mix of spring onions and chili will cause a happy gathering of fruity, nutty, mild and spicy flavours on your tongue. The preparation is simple and the vibrant colours of the (extremely) healthy ingredients make you feel like an artist while putting it all together. You can eat this salad as a starter, serve it with turkish flat bread and butter for dinner or lunch. Prepare it for friends, family or just for yourself – it is a real treat for all senses.

We’ve included some techniques on how to cut a mango (cubes and slices) and de-seed a pomegranate (quickly but without ruining the kitchen), simply because we were curious on how to do it „properly”. The dressing is simple and balances the sweet and sour flavours of the fruits – framboise vinegar is nice to have, but a good Balsamico does the trick as well.

Recipe idea and preparation by Helena from Bam Cuisine Breakfast Club:

Music: „Ketsuppi Ja Metsästäjä” by Marco Trovatello
released under CC-BY-NC-Licence

Category: Video

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