When we came to Istanbul we heard rumors of an underground cocktail bar in the city which serves well-balanced classics done right.

Alex’s Place is small and cosy, so we visited him before the bar opened and got crowded on a Friday night.

Alex is an US Expat, he’s been living in Istanbul for twelve … Read the rest

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The Gastronomika project is a creative hub where history, design, architecture and gastronomy meet. Their mission is to explore the huge potential of Anatolian cuisine, from a variety of angles, before it gets industrialized and forgotten.

Our second edition of Culinary Crossroads introduces Semin Hakim, chef and Gastronomika program coordinator, as he talks about Anatolian … Read the rest

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If you visit İstanbul, you need to visit it’s colorful markets, which are filled with amazing produce and vibrant atmosphere!

Here are our recommendations:

Beşiktaş Market
Location: Nüzhetiye Caddesi
Open: 6am – 6pm Saturdays

Inebolu Kasimpaşa market
Location: Toprak Tabya Sok
Open: 6am – 4pm Sundays

Spice Bazaar
Location: Rüstem Paşa Mahallesi
9am to 7pm … Read the rest

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Mini Bashekim is always on the search for the best ingredients. He travels through Anatolia and brings home the best herbs and vegetables for his restaurant Datli Maya. Join him when he and his tream prepare Sherbet – a very special tamarine syrup drink in this edition of FOOD REBELS!

Datli Maya is a small … Read the rest

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On our trip to istanbul we met food writer Ansel Mullins from istanbul eats and Culinary Backstreets. In our first episode of FOOD REBELS — the portrait series about people who are passionate about food — he talks about how migration has shaped istanbuls food culture and has brought an amazing variety to the plates … Read the rest

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The first episode of Food, People, Places dives into the culinary culture of Istanbul. We visited the city for a week and explored the magical metropolis that connects Europe and Asia. Sprawling markets, amazing streetfood, traditional restaurants – Istanbul is a fascinating place with many different culinary influences. Follow us on our journey where we … Read the rest

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