Fluffy Buttermilk Ricotta Pancakes

Pancakes are a breakfast classic for sure, the perfect consistency is key. For our video 12 Things you can do with an egg Helena has prepared the fluffy version and here is the recipe for it!

In the video we’ve added dark chocolate to the dough. The flavours aka fruit/veg we have used were blueberry, fig and chili. This is entirely up to you, the season and availability. The recipe below makes plain pancakes, but tells you also when to add your choice of fruit or veg.


Some great combinations we’ve tried at Bam Cuisine Breakfast Club: lemon zest & banana, blueberry & caramelized almonds, fig, honey & feta cheese, buffalo mozzarella & cherry tomatoes, Comté & spring onion…

This recipe will make enough pancakes for one really hungry person or for two who share. (Or 15 mini pancakes for a brunch with friends.)


135 gr plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
130 ml buttermilk
1 large egg
2 tbsp melted butter (cooled down a bit)
3 tbsp Ricotta
Butter (for the pan)
Maple sirup, lots and lots of maple sirup
Optional: fruit, veg, cheese, honey, chili, nuts, grated dark chocolate

Coated pan
Kitchen paper (to wipe out pan)
Small scoop (to help get the right portions in the pan)


  • mix flour, backing powder, salt and sugar in a large bowl (add grated dark chocolate now for the chocolate-version)
  • mix milk, buttermilk, egg and ricotta roughly in a second bowl, at last pour in melted butter
  • add milk-mix to flour-mix and stir until it becomes a smooth dough (no lumps)
  • NOTE: the dough will be very thick. This is important. So don’t add any liquid you’ll destroy the fluffy-ness.
  • put pan on medium heat and melt a piece of butter in it
  • *PLAIN: depending on the size of your pan, use your scoop to scoop 1-3 portions of dough into it. The pancakes-to-be should not touch each other. 
  • *FRUIT/VEG: now add fruit like blueberries or slices of fig. Gently push the pieces of fruit into the upper side of the pancakes/add lemon zest or cheese/drizzle honey on top (for the feta-fig version)…
  • wait until the surface starts to bubble gently and the bottom sets then flip pancakes
  • now. watch. them. grow
  • both sides of the pancake should be golden-brown and it should be approx. 1cm high
  • before you add another load to the pan, wipe it out with the kitchen paper, then add another piece of butter – the butter will burn and turn dark and bitter if you don’t wipe the pan
  • bake all pancakes until dough is finished
  • keep pancakes warm in the oven at approx. 75 degrees

It is hard, but now that you created them you have to destroy them: put pancakes on a plate and drown them in maple sirup. You can also add toppings like yoghurt, cream, fresh fruit or nuts now. 

Pancake pros build a pancake tower: start and end with sirup and make sure that you eat the bottom one yourself or give it to someone you really, really like. 

Fluffy Buttermilk Ricotta Pancakes

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