Scotch Egg, Spaghetti Carbonara and Marshmallows

Our new eggciting video features 12 amazing dishes, so you might wonder how to prepare them?
Before we start giving away our favourite egg recipes, we first have to point you to a few people who inspired us to some of the dishes in the video.

Scotch Egg

Rob and Dan are brothers. Together they started the brilliant food blog Go Cook Yourself, in which they focus on food and fun and simple instructions. They took some of their recipes from the blog and published a cook book called „Year One“. The book sits on my shelf and contains the great recipe for „Mother cooking scotch eggs“ . As they really have a thing going on with eggs, we highly recommend their blog to all egg-lovers out there. 

Spaghetti Carbonara

As there is, apparently, a lot of confusion about this dish, we were happy to find a trustful source to read about the real Carbonara. As we knew about the no-cream-never-rule already, we did it all wrong ourselves by using Pancetta instead of Guanciale. So we may as well send you off to Kitchen Guerilla directly, so you learn from the best.

The fluffy pinkish marshmallows were made after a recipe from Marc Grossman’s excellent book New York Cult Recipes. We are sorry to announce that explicitly this recipe cannot be found online. However, we very much recommend to buy the whole book anyway. It’s so much fun. Meanwhile go and check out his blog

Go watch the video again!

Scotch Egg, Spaghetti Carbonara and Marshmallows

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