Whiskey Sour

Don’t get us wrong, we do not claim to be bartenders. And we do not claim our recipe for this drink to be the best or the truest. It is just one version of how to do a whiskey sour. 

This recipe includes a cocktail cherry, simply because I love the cherry. In the video we had no cherries at hand, but if you do: try it.

If you are a bit reluctant about the raw egg white, that’s okay. A dash of orange juice serves as a good substitute as it gives the drink a bit of creaminess, too. A real bartender told me you might even use both for a creamier, fruitier version. These options also serve as a good excuse to have at least three drinks to find out about the differences…

6 cl whiskey (we recommend Bourbon)
4 cl lemon juice (freshly squeezed if possible)
2 cl sugar sirup (bring equal parts of sugar and water to boil and cook for exactly 4 minutes to make your own)
1 egg white
A dash of Orange juice (optional)
1 cocktail cherry
Sugar for the sugar rim
Slice of lemon
Ice cubes

Tumbler glass
Small plate


  • wipe the rim of your tumbler glass with the slice of lemon, then press rim into sugar which you lined out flat onto the small plate
  • place a handful of ice cubes in the shaker
  • add whiskey, lemon juice, sugar sirup, egg white and/or orange juice to the shaker and close it
  • Shake well until the shaker fogs up from the outside, respectively is all cold, this takes approx. 15-20 seconds 
  • Take lid off and put strainer on top of shaker, then pour drink into tumbler
  • Add the cherry

Variation to impress a girl or boy: New York Sour. Do everything as explained above, but use a slightly bigger glass and add ice cubes to the glass before pouring the drink in. Then take a small spoon and hold it next to the surface of the drink and pour 10-20 ml of red wine OVER the spoon on top of the drink. You do this to stop the two liquids from getting mixed. Sounds absolutely disgusting, but tastes phenomenal and looks just like a stunning sunset.

Whiskey Sour

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