Food Court Berlin, Littlewood

The food court we visited was organized at Little Wood, a temporary urban garden in Berlin Mitte which serves as an experiment for metropolitans to explore urban nature. The Contemporary Food Lab, initiator of Little Wood, and Carson Chan, curator of the event, invited chefs from cultures we hear a lot about in the news recently to cook a typical summer dish from their home country. Food gives people direct insights into cultures, talking about food, its preparation and ingredients breaks the ice in conversations and makes us see countries as homes where people live and eat – just as everywhere else in the world.

At Little Wood’s Food Court visitors had the chance to try „Borani“ from Iran, „Mujaddara“ from Palestine, „Kibbe“ from Irak, „Fried Manioc“ from Sudan, „Sabich“ from Isreal, „Borscht“ from Ukraine and more dishes from Tibet, Afghanistan and Syria- all chefs serving their food side by side to international visitors. A wonderful day at the garden, eating into new cultural dimensions.

Chefs and Restaurants featured in this video:

Themroc (Ali from Iran),
Tibet Kitchen (Sonam from Tibet),
Zweistrom (Ahmed from Iraq),
Djimalaya – Hummus & Grill (Ofer from Israel),
Matreshka (David from Ukraine) and
Aga from Syria who cooks at Damas.

Little Wood is open on selected days in September, check out their Facebook page and website for more information.

Music “Polyphasic Consparicy” and “Aurelic” by Torley –

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