While Switzerland is mostly known for its high mountains, one must not forget that its beauty also lies in its valleys, its small villages, and its numerous and beautiful lakes. The region Jura and Three-Lakes combines all of these things in a rather small territory, making it a concentrate of Swissness. And of course, its food specialities are the direct expressions of these territories.

During the summer of 2018, we had the chance to spend one amazing week, supported by the region Jura & Three-Lakes, looking for what made Swiss food special in this region. We had many experiences including chasing wild herbs in the Jura mountains, tasting the mysterious Absinthe in its birth region, contemplating the sunrise while fishing on the Lake Neuchatel and of course trying lots of different kinds of cheese. We’ve gathered the most beautiful images in order to let you sense it.

10 Things to Eat in the Swiss Mountains

For a first impression, we’ve collected the 10 things you must eat in the Swiss Mountains of Jura & Three-Lakes in one video. Among these, the famous Tête de Moine cheese which has a Protected Designation of Origin classification and is only produced in the region, is a must try, together with the fish from lakes, or the special smoked sausages from Neuchatel. The region is also generous in alcohol specialties, such as the legendary Absinthe, the homemade prune brandy called Damassine and the mineral and crispy Chasselas white wine, produced along the lake in breathtaking vineyards.

The Story of Absinthe : how the Green Fairy was hidden for 100 years

Follow us now into the depth of the region, as we follow the traces of Absinthe. Our first video on the matter deals with the history and production of this mystical green drink. We met with Nicolas, President of the Road of Absinthe Association, a historical path going from Switzerland to France, on which absinthe enthusiasts used to hide their drink during the Prohibition era. We then discovered how delicious Absinthe is produced in the familial La Valote Martin’s Absinthe distillery.

5 Things to Do with Absinthe

In the second video, we were welcomed by the Maison de l’Absinthe in Môtiers, a museum that will tell you everything about absinthe and displays all the different tools from the past and present used to produce and drink it, before welcoming you for a degustation in its bar. In this video, we show you 5 beautiful recipes using Absinthe, from the authentic way to drink Green Absinthe, to two different cocktails, to finishing with a flambee risotto and a wonderful frozen dessert. To visit and try their specialties it’s over here => https://www.maison-absinthe.ch/page.php?label=home

Cooking Wild

The third step brings us, once again, in the Swiss Jura where we followed Maria Luisa Wenger, a wild herb expert and cook. With her you will learn how to recognize wild plants, which ones you can eat, which ones bring a kick to your plate or which one will heal your anguish. Between walks in the valley of Swiss Jura, cooking courses in the garden and on open fire dinner, this experience was definitely one of a kind. And the best thing is that you can experience it yourself! Check out her website here https://www.doubsdenature.ch/Deutsch/ichstellemichvor.php

A Day on the Lake Neuchatel

This warm journey needed a fresh finish and the clear waters of the Three Lakes were calling us. We went on a fishing journey on the Lake Neuchatel at 4 am to discover the endemic species and the life rhythm of a fisherman. In this beautiful and contemplative video, you will understand why the land of the clock has such a special relation to time.

Here again, you can live this experience with Claude Delley, just write him an email at cldelley@bleuwin.ch and hop on his boat!

While the region is not as well known as the Alp Mountains, it is definitely worth a stay! This is a really authentic and beautiful region with unbelievably nice people, who are ready to share their story and their food specialties with you… Don’t miss it!

DISCLAIMER : Our journey could not have happened without the help and financial support of the region Jura and Three-Lakes, which we wish to thank again!

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