Foodcamp Franken

What happens, if 25 food bloggers and enthusiasts meet in Franken, a region in Bavaria, Germany?

Well, they cook most of the time – and visit producers to learn about the rich culinary culture of the region.

When Tourismus Bayern invited FPP’s Simon on the trip, we were thrilled. Franken is well-known for culinary specialties such as gingerbread and carp, moreover the district ‚Oberfranken‘ is known to have the highest concentration of breweries world-wide.

During this four day trip we visited breweries, vineyards, butchers and bakers – the nights where split between cooking together at Kochschule Mobile Kochkunst and a visit to michelin-starred restaurant Essigbrätlein in Nürnberg.

It was such an inspiring tour and meeting all those food bloggers has broadend our scope tremendously. We are truly thankful for the experience!

Thanks to Torsten Goffin and Florian Bailey for organizing the trip!

Disclaimer: We thank Bayern Tourismus Marketing (Anja Reinhard und Claudia Hinnerkopf) for financing Foodcamp Franken and making this trip possible. Bayern Tourismus Marketing did not influence the content of this video in any way.


Florian Bailey

Torsten Goffin

Sophia Schilik

Daniela Haug

Bernd Müller

Natalie Simons

Annette Sandner

Jörg Utecht

Christian Lersch

Petra Hildebrand

Dorothée Beil

Claus Schlemmer

Holger Klein

Ariane Bille

Paul Huizing

Paul Truszkowski

Stevan Paul

Hendrik Haase

Eleanor Aldridge

Ed Smith

Peter G. Spandl

Simone Hilpert

Uwe Spitzmüller

Markus Wolff

Barbara Furtmüller

Places & People we visited:

Arnd Erbel – Freibäcker

Metzgerei Seefried

Restaurant Essigbrätlein

Gänstaller Bräu

Weingut Bickel-Stumpf

Mobile Kochkunst Nürnberg

Winemaker presentations:

2 Naturkinder:

Winzerhof Stahl:

Weingut 3 Zeilen:

There where three more stops on the FoodCamp which our camera missed:

Nürnberger Bratwursthäusle:

Found Truck RoundUp Nürnberg:

Karpfen Lunch:

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