Foodcamp Oberpfalz

At Foodcamp Oberpfalz around 25 Food Bloggers, -Journalists & -Enthusiasts met to learn about and celebrate Food culture from the region Oberpfalz, in the South of Germany.
We visited three Breweries, namely the Kommunenbrauhaus of the Zoigl-Braugemeinschaft at Windischeschenbach/Neuhaus, Riedenburger Brewery and Schneider Weisse.
The trip covered many more exciting stops, such as Kloster Plankstetten or at a Donau fisherman.
Foodcamp oberpfalz

But the main events of a Foodcamp are the cooking sessions. Some participants visited the local markets and brought back a large variety of ingredients. The whole group then met in the evening to let the magic happen: groups of two or three people are formed, dishes are created spontaneously. The dishes are collectively arranged into an order and paired with local wines and beers.
For me it’s a big secret how these evenings work. 25 Food Maniacs together in a kitchen feels like a total creative chaos, but in the end 10 amazing courses are brought to the world and all are truly delicious!
Foodcamp oberpfalz
Thanks to Torsten Goffin from Allem Anfang for gathering this amazing group of people and to Florian Bailey and his team for organizing the trip. Thanks a lot to Bayern Tourism for inviting us!

If you speak german, we encourage you to read some really interesting articles by the Food Bloggers from Foodcamp Oberpfalz:

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