Get your own recipe filmed by Food People Places!

Be the first to get your own recipe filmed by Food People Places!

You’re a Cheese Lover?
You’re a Recipe Enthusiast?

You have a Blog or Instagram-account?
You’ve always dreamed to see your own recipe in a beautiful Food Porn video?

Well, now you can!


The rules of the game are simple:

Emmental Cheese Soufflé
Post one recipe of your own invention including one (or more) of our 12 Cheeses from Switzerland as a main ingredient on your Blog or Instagram using the hashtag #cheeselover and send us the link.
We will select the best, most original, most tasty or most promising recipe and shoot it in our studio… The video will then go live on our Youtube and Facebook Channel!

These are the 12 cheeses you can work with in your recipes:

  • Appenzeller
  • Schweizer Emmentaler AOP
  • Le Gruyère AOP
  • Tête de Moine AOP
  • Swizzrocker
  • Raclette Suisse
  • Walliser Raclette AOP
  • Sbrinz AOP
  • Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP
  • Bündner Bergkäse
  • l’Etivaz AOP
  • Vacherin Mont-d’Or AOP

To learn more about the different taste profiles of the cheeses head over to to learn more!

Send us the link of the recipe on your blog or Instagram account to

Closing day will be 31th of October 23:59 pm.

Gruyere Cheese Crisps

Want some free cheese? Drop us a line!

The first 24 people to write us will also get a package of the cheese type of their choice, graciously offered by our partner Schweizer Käse to test their recipe (German postal addresses only to ensure a high quality during the transport)!

Write us quick to with the Cheese of your choice and your German address to receive free cheese!


We’re doing this competition together with our partner Schweizer Käse, head over to their website to find out more about their amazing cheeses!

Get your own recipe filmed by Food People Places!


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