Goose Bomb

It is almost a traditional christmas dinner in a bun, only better. Forget pulled pork, this is a our pulled goose Goose Bomb.


Bread Knödel Bun
– 250 g old bread rolls, diced
– 250 ml milk
– 3 eggs
– 1/2 onion, finely chopped
– 1 hand full of chopped parsley
– 3 tbsp flour
– salt
– butter

Confit goose leg
– 2 goose legs
– some pepper corns
– some fresh thyme
– salt
– oil (or better: goose fat)

Brussels sprouts chips
– 200 g brussels sprouts
– 2 tbsp peanut butter
– 1 tbsp canola oil
– salt

Carrot ginger salad
– 1 carrot
– 1 small piece of ginger
– lemon juice
– salt
– pepper

Cranberry ketchup
– 2 tbsp ketchup
– 1 tbsp cranberries or cranberry sauce

large pot


First prepare the different parts of the burger:

Bread Knödl Bun
– mix milk and eggs and pour over bread chunks, add salt and let sit for a while
– fry onion with a knob of butter in a pan at medium heat until translucent
– add onions, parsley and flour to the bread-mix and let sit for another 10 mins
– bring a big pot of water to the boil then let the water simmer
– wet your hands and form large balls from the bread dough, these are your Knödel
– with a spoon lower your Knödels into the water, the water should not boil, but simmer
– let the Knödel cook for 15-20 mins
– take them out of the water and let them drip off
– Cut them in half and fry them in butter in the pan until golden brown and crunchy


Goose leg
– to confit your goose leg you have to cook it in oil or in goose fat, so you’ll need enough of it to cover it in it, depending on your casserole this can be 1 liter or more
– season the legs with salt and pepper and put them in a casserole
– cover the legs with oil and add thyme and whole peppercorns
– bake in the oven at 80-90 degrees until the meat is tender, depending on the amount of meat this might take 2-4 hours
– once the meat is tender take the legs out of the fat and put them on a cooking grid
– turn your oven up to 180 degrees and bake the legs until the skin is crispy
– let the legs cool down a bit and pull the meat from the bones

Brussels Sprouts chips
– clean sprouts and peel them
– mix peanut butter, oil and season the dressing with salt
– line a baking tray with baking paper
– mix brussels sprouts leaves with the peanut butter dressing and toss on the baking tray
– bake in the oven at 180-200 degrees for 20 mins or until crispy


Carrot ginger salad
– grind the carrots and ginger
– season with lemon juice, salt and pepper

Cranberry Ketchup
– mix ketchup with cranberries or cranberry sauce

GooseBomb_IngredsNow build the burger:
– Start with a knödl bun, spread some ketchup on it
– then add a hand full of your pulled goose meat and some crispy skin
– next is a spoon full of carrot salad and brussels sprout chips
– top your burger with the other half of the bun


Goose Bomb


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  • Remco

    Great idea, I am looking to make this as a starter for Christmas (perhaps a bit smaller size). For how many persons would mentioned amounts in this recipe be? Thanks!

  • Remco

    Hi Simon, thanks for the confirmation. I saw the other recipes too but I will make the one with the goose as I really want to try that type of meat. I liked the “Oh Deer” burger in the movie (really cool!) too but don’t see the recipe (yet) and I have to start making preparations;)

    • Simon

      Hey Remco, sorry we did not manage to write the Oh Deer recipe in time. Next year! 🙂 So let us know how you like the Goose Bomb!

  • Gernot

    fantastic idea, great movie.
    Being picky I have to say that there is a mistake on the picture.
    You are using a Bread Knödel and not a Potato Knödel Bun….

  • Mark

    I tried the Brussels Sprouts chips the other day (without the rest of the burger) and this is an awesome way to prepare Brussels sprouts. Thanks for the idea!
    Unfortunately preparing them that way is a lot of work, I’ll test this with savoy cabbage the next time.