Hendrik Haase, Food Activist

Hendrik Haase aka Wurstsack is a food activist, who brings up the political and social dimensions of food. With culinary protest activities in public space he combines those serious aspects with entertaining ideas which show people that sustainable eating can be fun, and indulgence should be celebrated. One of his main interests lies in “Wurstkultur” (sausage culture), which he calls a “world culinary heritage”. Germany has a big history in processed meat butchery, Hendrik stresses that this might be soon forgotten.

We met Hendrik at the butcher’s shop (Fleischerei Gottschlich ind Prenzlauer Berg) in the morning and bought some sauge filling meat. We then drove over to his flat in Neukölln, where he was throwing all kinds of spices through the room, showing us how to make our very own delicious sausage in our forth episode of Food Rebels – Passion for Food!

Learn more about Hendrik at: http://wurstsack.de/

Music “Bodily Welfare” by Torley – torley.com



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