Norden Berlin Supper Club

On the 11th of July Paul, Björn and Paul from the Norden Berlin Supper Club unveiled their refined Scandinavian cuisine to some lucky guests in Cologne.

This evening was part of the Summer of Supper, a young gastronomical event that takes place in Cologne since 2014. It celebrates the concept of supper club by featuring some of the most talented in Germany – they were 9 this year – and the concept is more and more popular all over the world.

What is a supper club? Let’s quote Paul Huizing, one of the chefs from the NordenBerlin Supper Club : “Come to places you don’t know, to eat food you haven’t ordered, together with people you have never seen before”. That is basically it: people who passionately enjoy eating and cooking, amateurs or professionals who gather to organize a culinary evening reflecting their taste. 4 to 6 dishes, made out of selected produce and original recipes to surprise you, and some paired drinks.


The specificity of Norden Berlin: they shake up their Scandinavian roots to create original association of flavors with amazing plating. “We believe that the best way to spend time is sharing a great meal and a few glasses with family and friends. We create modern Nordic cuisine by smoking, pickling and salting outsanding produce to create suprisingly simple but delicious dishes. We love to pair your food with unusual craft beers and exciting wines from a new generation of winemakers.

On the 11th of July, you could have tasted herrings, salmon tartar, a mushroom-only starter but also the surprising “Sweasar Salad”, rocking the Caesar Salad with a Swedish touch.


To get more infos about their projects and invite you to their next diner, check their website:

To get ready for the next Summer of Supper Clubs, check their website:

The NordenBerlin crew is also very active in the foodblogging scene, check out Paul’s blog and the other Paul’s blog



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