Recipe: Sweet Potato and Cheese Croquette

As many of you know, Sweet Potato and Cheese is a combination that works perfectly. But those slightly spicy Sweet Potato and Cheese Croquette are one of the best interpretation of this marriage : crunchy, gooey, sweet and salty, they just offer everything everyone dreams of. And it’s fairly easy!

Swizzrocker cheese

For a cheese, we chose the Swizzrocker, a kind of Tilsit cheese, that is to say a light yellow semihard smear-ripened cheese. It’s fragrance and melting potential are a perfect match with the Sweet Potato!

Ingredients for the Sweet Potato and Cheese Croquette

  • 2 Sweetpotatoes
  • 150g Swizzrocker Cheese, cut in dices
  • 100g all purpose Flour
  • 2 beaten Eggs
  • 100g Breadcrumbs
  • Salt, pepper, chili flakes (to taste)
  • frying oil


Wash the sweetpotatoes and pierce a few times its skin with a fork. Place on a baking tray covered with parchment paper and bake for approx 45 mn at 200 C, until they are smooth and cooked through. Once cooked, take out the flesh. Mash them well. Eventually took out the few strings as you need a really smooth puree. Season well with salt, pepper and eventually chili flakes. Set aside.

Sweet Potato and Cheese Croquette 

Meanwhile cut the Swizzrocker Cheese in dices, approx 1×1. Shape a ball with the sweet potato puree and insert a cheese dice in the middle.

Prepare three bowls with flour, beaten eggs, and breadcrumbs.

Sweetpotato and Cheese Croquette

Coat successively the balls into the flour, the egg and breadcrumbs. For a perfect round shape, double the coating: coat them once more with the egg and more breadcrumbs. Rest a few minutes in the fridge. 

Meanwhile, bring your frying oil to temperature: it should be between 160 and 180C. When the temperature is ready, carefully plunge your croquettes in the oil and let them fry for 3-4 minutes, until they take a golden brown color.

Sweetpotato and Cheese Croquette

Those Sweet Potato and Cheese Croquette are crunchy, soft, goey and slightly spicy. Another perfect snack to munch on forever!
You can serve them with a spicy tomato sauce or some sour cream with chives or whatever else you like!   

Recipe: Sweet Potato and Cheese Croquette

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