Variation on Aioli
Bread, egg or potato : here are the keys of the famous Aioli. This creamy sauce featuring garlic and olive oil spread all over the mediterranean area and evolved over time. Originally made out of bread, it became eggy in the French Provence where mayonnaise already existed, and has been thickened with potatoes in some other places. Skordalia, that can be made with potatoes or stale bread, definitely showcases Garlic : it’s name come from Skordo which means Garlic in greek.

Greek hummus
This is very popular dish during Greek National Independence day, can be, according to the thickness of the preparation, a thick puree, a dip, a sauce or a spread. Simply spread on crusty bread or served as a condiment for lamb, grilled cod, kebabs, this hearty Skordalia will directly transport you to Athens and beyond.


  • 4 mealy potatoes
  • 2 garlic clove
  • 1 juicy lemon
  • some virgin olive oil (greek if you’re looking for authenticity)


  • food mill (optional)
  • mortar (optional – this is what we used)
  • food processor (optional)


Clean, peel and cook the potatoes in salty water until they are really tender (cold start, for about 30 minutes). Drain them.

Note : We used a mortar to incorporate the ingredients together, but if you don’t have one you can use a food processor, a food mill or a good old fork.

skordalia recipe lemon drop juice how to greek potato

In a mortar, crush the peeled garlic cloves with a pinch of salt (it helps the garlic to give in more juice). Add the lemon juice and mix until obtaining a smooth paste.

Tipp : if you like garlic but you are not ready to stop speaking for next 12 hours, cook your cloves first in some milk until tender. They will remain tasty but less powerful.

skordalia recipe how to mash potato greek

Add the potatoes little by little continuously mixing. Like for a mayonnaise, add the olive oil little by little : it needs to be well incorporated, thickened and smooth.  The more you’ll add oil, the more the spread will be liquid. We went for a spread so we stopped until the Skordalia got the consistency of a creamy mayonnaise.

Note : it is really important that the potatoes remain hot while you incorporate them. When cooling down they will give an elastic and lumpy texture that we don’t want here.

skordalia recipe how to olive oil mayonnaise garlic


Season as you like (you can add fresh herbs, salt, pepper) and eat it on grilled bread or as a condiment for grilled fish for example.

Καλή σας όρεξη ! 


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