You always dreamt about baking a Pink Pizza? Well now you can, with absolutely no food color but a natural ingredient. The secret is… Beetroot juice! Topped with some actual beetroot slices and grilled asparagus as well as goat cheese, it’s not only beautiful but also delicious. Here is how to proceed!


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What do you know about Persian cuisine ? Flavorful tastes and rare spices, discover the new face of Asparagus in this delicious Iranian recipe by Negar. The green vegetable brings a surprising fresh note and some crunchy to the creamy lentils soup. Read the rest

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What asparagus recipe would correpond to the Syrian Food Culture? That is the challenge that Abo Malek had to take up, a challenge all the more difficult because asparagus doesn’t exist in Syria! A little time to eat it and discover its subtle taste and Abo was ready to propose us his exquisite version of … Read the rest

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