You always dreamt about baking a Pink Pizza? Well now you can, with absolutely no food color but a natural ingredient. The secret is… Beetroot juice! Topped with some actual beetroot slices and grilled asparagus as well as goat cheese, it’s not only beautiful but also delicious. Here is how to proceed!


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In this recipe, you will not only find easy to follow instructions to make a Pizza dough but you will also have the chance to try out this tasty combination of a hearty blood sausage (almost every culture has its own) with sweet caramelized pears. And if you’re not a big fan of Blood Sausage, … Read the rest

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We found this recipe on the German blog Fräuleinchenwhere Su and Rebecca do an amazing work to provide new, fresh and exciting recipes with beautiful pictures everyday. But their blog is unfortunately in German, so for you to be able to try it at home we will give you the recipe here. Otherwise … Read the rest

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10 Untoppable Pizza Creations… or 10 hypnotizing pizzas you could never have imagined

Originating as Naples’ street food, the pizza is one of the most customizable dishes in the world, which probably explains its spreading into every food culture. All you need is a bread dough – a good one preferably – the rest depends … Read the rest

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