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Emmental Cheese Soufflé
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While there are a lot of Mexican sandwiches, we chose to give you the Cemita sandwich recipe, one of the best bollito of Central America.
The Cemita Poblana is a sandwich from the region and city of Puebla, in the south of Mexico City. The name derives from the name of the bread itself, … Read the rest

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We all know Cheese Crisps: it’s practical, beautiful, light, crispy, an enhancer to any dish and the easiest thing to do ever! Gruyere Cheese Crisps is the upgraded version of Cheese Crisps: the salt grains from Gruyere remain in the crisp as a delicious surprise, and its nutty flavor is unbeatable! Here is how to … Read the rest

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The traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue is made out of two cheeses : the Vacherin Fribourgeois for the creaminess and the Gruyère for the character. The challenge resides in obtaining a perfect texture, a perfect harmony between the cheeses and the wine.… Read the rest

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As many of you know, Sweet Potato and Cheese is a combination that works perfectly. But those slightly spicy Sweet Potato and Cheese Croquette are one of the best interpretation of this marriage : crunchy, gooey, sweet and salty, they just offer everything everyone dreams of. And it’s fairly easy!… Read the rest

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Known to be the nightmare of amateur cooks, Souffle is actually quite easy if you follow some tricks. The principle is the same for every kind of soufflé, sweet or savoury: a cream with yolks and some whipped white of eggs. To do an Emmental Cheese Souffle, it’s really simple: just add some grated cheese … Read the rest

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You might not believe it but “Swiss” is actually not one kind of cheese – Switzerland has more than 450 types of cheeses! We chose to feature 10 of them in easy and delicious Swiss Cheese recipes to cook for others – or yourself! All of our Swiss Cheese recipes are available on the blog!

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How to cook Bitter melon is a question that a lot of us asks themselves… How to reduce its bitterness and make it eatable? Here are our tips!

How to cook bitter melon with pork stuffing

The Bitter Melon or Bitter Gourd, also known as Bitter Cucumber belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae. This Indian fruit, almost unknown among western countries, but commonly … Read the rest

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Portuguese food is a rich and diverse cuisine : ressembling mediterranean neighbours on some points, it is particularly famous for its seafood. The country has Europe’s highest fish consumption per capita and is particularly fan of the Bacalhau, a cod fish that was salted and dried to allow a yearly consumption. It is said that … Read the rest

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You always dreamt about baking a Pink Pizza? Well now you can, with absolutely no food color but a natural ingredient. The secret is… Beetroot juice! Topped with some actual beetroot slices and grilled asparagus as well as goat cheese, it’s not only beautiful but also delicious. Here is how to proceed!


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