We could have made an opera, or composed a poem but we did Beauty of Bacon.
What more is there to say? Among the addictives and mouth drooling food of this world, bacon is probably on the top. And there is actually a reason for it: while cooking, it breaks into 3 major flavorful compounds that speak directly to our brain.

Many countries have developped their own version of bacon: being from the back (rasher, UK style), from the belly (American Bacon, Pancetta) or even from the cheek (Italian Guanciale) the meat is generally cured and sometimes smoked.

Beauty of Bacon Shrimp Orange

Orange Glazed Bacon Shrimps

It pairs with perfection with other meats (what’s better than Bacon Burger?), but also with fish and suprisingly with sweets: it’s saltiness, crunchiness and umaminess is just irresistible. In this video we decided to show you some of the best and suprising combinations to try out, but the list is honestly endless :

    • Bucatini all’amatriciana is an dish from the region Lazio, around Roma, that pairs crispy guanciale with chilis and tomato sauce. The cheese is for sure a Pecorino Romano


  • BLT Sandwich: what’s more classic than this sandwich? Though, a good BLT is not so easy to obtain. You need high quality ripe tomatoes that taste something else than water, crunchy salad, good mayonnaise (possibly homemade) and a flat, crispy and delicious bacon. The rest is magic.
  • Bacon Jam: a perfect Cheese companion to have in the frige, this sweet, sour and salty jam combines bacon (we used back bacon for more pronounced smoky flavor), coffee, maple sirup, onions and garlic.
  • Maple Bacon Popcorn: same here. Bacon is the upgraded salt, and Maple Caramel the upgraded Caramel. Add it to popcorn and you’ll never want to eat another version of it.


    • Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Fudge

      Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Fudge

      Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Brownie: the name only makes it dreamy. Add pieces of dark chocolate before cooking for a fudge feeling and pair with cigar and leather seat for higher decadence.


  • Orange Glazed Bacon Shrimps: south-americanish style, we made a glaze out of soy sauce, orange and lime juice, ginger and garlic and marinated the shrimps in it. Then just wrap a smoky bacon piece around each shrimp, skewer them and grill them 3 minutes on each side. Glaze with marinade and serve with cilantro and tortillas! Honestly Bomb…
  • Bacon Crusted Salmon: another surf and turf variation, just mince raw bacon and mix it with Scandinavian crackers crumbs (for a more nutty flavor). Then season salmon, and pass it in flour, eggwash and bacon crumbs. Repeat for better coverage and fry until brown. The salmon is cooked to perfection and the bacon taste really present. Perfect classy snack.
  • Bacon Salt: easy peasy and to sprinkle any f*** where!



Special Thanks to “The Sausage Man never Sleeps” who does the best homemade Bacon in Berlin.

The Beauty of Bacon

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