Peruvian Food: our 2017 Travel Dream!

After having tried Midye in the streets of Istanbul, enjoyed Pastéis de Nata in the Portuguese Cafés, or discovered the real Tagliatelle alla Bolognese in the osteria of Bologna, we have a new dream destination…
Since we started our food journey, people keep telling us just how amazing the Peruvian cuisine is. Its uniqueness is mainly due to the combination of indigenous food traditions with immigrant influences both from Europe (Spanish) and Asia (Japanese). The produce in Peru is supposed to be spectacular including some endemic food, which can only be found there, such as Quinoa, many breeds of Potatoes or Corn.

Tasting Peruvian Food in Berlin

We got a first taste of the peruvian cuisine when Simon was invited by the Peru Trade Office to a Peruvian cooking session in Berlin. Chef Enrique Serván presented a 9-courses tasting menu, Simon was completely amazed by the flavors, some of which he never tasted before!
Peruvian Food Ceviche

The menu started with ceviche, obviously. It probably is the most famous Peruvian dish ; if you haven’t tasted it yet, go for it! The combination of sour & spicy notes is just mind blowing!
Among the other courses, some were totally unknown to Simon, like lama meat, lucuma or maniok, each being truly delicious. But most of all, Simon had the feeling of never having tasted anything like it before!
If you haven’t tried Peruvian cuisine before, we advice you to consider doing it real soon! For Berliners, Enrique Serván´s restaurant Serrano is an option as well as Chic and the Cevecheria.

Traveling to find the best Peruvian Food

Peruvian Food Corn
So what are our travel plans for Peru?
  • We are aiming for the period of September when the Mistura Food Festival takes place in Lima: it is supposed to be a one of a kind food experience in all South America.
  • A visit to one of the leading restaurants, either Maido or Central would be a blast.
  • Of course, we want to travel through the different regions of Peru, the Sacred Valley being one of the must see.

Are you Peruvian of have you traveled the country? Where should we go and what should we eat? Share your tips with us!

Photo credits:
Header Photo with the two peruvian ladies: (c) Pedro Szekely
all other photos (c) Food, People, Places

Peruvian Food: our 2017 Travel Dream!

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